To support the #SOSCuba movement and help us amplify the many voices fighting for the Cuban people, please click the button below to download a list of contacts that you can write to and call in an effort to raise awareness of the current situation on the island.


Supporting our community

Five Star Jewelers continues its support of our Cuban brothers & sisters on the island in their fight for freedom as we officially begin distributing custom designed #SOSCuba T-shirts at all of our Five Star Jewelers locations in South Florida. These t-shirts featuring the heart-shaped Cuban flag on the front chest plate and a varied design on the back will be available for all that want one while supplies last. Absolutely ANYONE is eligible to receive 1 free shirt in-person even WITHOUT purchase. Any data collected through this effort will only be used to stay connected with consumers that are interested in continuing to support this movement as it continues to develop. Once again, the retrieval of this information is not mandatory in order for a customer to receive the complimentary T-shirt at any FSJ location.

#SOSCuba, #PatriayVida, and #EstamosContigo have been boldly printed on the front of each shirt in order to encourage our patrons to post a picture of themselves wearing these t-shirts on social media. When posting images we encourage our customers to tag @FiveStarJewelers in order to repost their images from our business page platforms. Efforts like these will continue to build increased awareness for the current ongoing situation in Cuba that will hopefully lead to a positive end result. This is the best way to support the movement by showing that we have our Cuban friends & family on our minds and in our hearts.